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The Lonely Hearts Club

Meet Your Host, Jim McGiveron

Hello, my name is Jim McGiveron and I am your host at the Lonely Hearts Club. I believe in the whole concept of soulmates. That is, that I believe that there is one perfect woman out there, somewhere on this planet, who is ideally suited for me.

Likewise, there is one ideal mate out there for you. I am so dedicated to this concept that I started the Lonely Hearts Club, not just for myself, but for others, to bridge the gap of separation using the power of the Internet.

If you would like to submit your own personal in an effort to find your beloved soulmate, the by all means, please Click Here and get started. There is no charge to submit your ad at the Lonely Hearts Club.

       Jim McGiveron


Jim McGiveronI believe that my soulmate is bound to find this page and be intrigued enough about me to explore the possibilities. Please feel free to do so. One never knows. I swear that I will not try to dissuade you, or insult you, and at the very least, you will know that you have found a true friend in me.

I began my life at a very early age (about 35 years ago) and since then have put on an additional 180 pounds. Unlike my friends who have had a variety of experiences in the marriage department, I have never been married. Although I have dated some very nice women, who I continue to be friends with, and some I would even call my best and/or closest friend(s).

I never have felt the real, "magic," that I know will accompany meeting the true, "Love of my life." I believe that she may be reading this, right now, so please continue to read and get know the real me a little better...

I am an independent businessman. I own my own business and am very artistic in my pursuit of attempting to make my mark in the American economy. This is not to say that I am a workaholic, but since I have yet to meet my soulmate, I use hours that my be spent wallowing in loneliness, and focus that energy on my business endeavors.

I do partake of the occassional beer in social situations, and although I am a non-smoker, I do occassionally light up an imported cigar. I like going out, but am not a party animal. I like live music, but am not a concert addict.

I love the outdoors. I like some activities that are on the machismo-side of the male pursuasion. I like to hunt and fish, so my soulmate would likely not be a vegetarian.

I love the idea of romance and romantic activities. I will spend many of my free hours wooing my soulmate. I picture us going out to nice restaurants, taking long walks on the beach, sailing, taking weekend adventures and partaking in the occassional black-tie affair.

I am not, "snooty," and see myself as a real down-to-earth kind of guy and a bit of an outdoorsman. Although I have a keen business sense, I don't believe that my soulmate needs to be a rocket scientist.

I would like to think that my soulmate would be able to enter into a relationship with me unencumbered by too much baggage. This is to say that she has not been burned by a lot of men and has a bad attitude toward them. I feel as though I have kept a safe distance from being hurt, in my quest for Ms. Right, and she has done likewise.

I am not foolish enough to believe that she has not been in any relationships, whatsoever, but she is still holding on to the hope that her Price Charming is out there... and if it is meant to be, I may be your Prince Charming.

I have a good sense of humor and know how to enjoy the company of others, and I would like to think that my true love would have these attributes also. If you like a good laugh, and can enjoy yourself in small groups of folks having a good time, this would be preferable.

It goes without saying, that my soulmate would be a, "one man woman," as I am a one woman man. I don't like players, pretenders or two-timers.

My intent is not just to date, although, I realize that this is the process by which two people get to know each other better to determine whether we are truly soulmates. And it is this activity that will - at the very least - produce a wonderful friendship, which could be the basis of marital bliss, but if not, at least we can be loyal friends. And if I am not the right one for you, I will do everything that I can to help you find your soulmate.

Please believe me when I say, whomever you are, I will not let you down, or do anything to intentionally hurt you. I really do believe that my soulmate is reading this, right, now and you may be her. Please take the chance to eamil me at so that we can explore the possibilities.

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